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Yard Explorers can help with all these situations, by offering tailor-made, inspirational advice, leading to pragmatic, cost effective solutions


So how do we do this?

By using consultation, training and design!

These can all be offered as 'stand alone' services or work together in sequence.

Making the most of what's there now, improving it for the future

All educational settings have grounds; some are wonderful, some not so good. But all have potential for play and learning.

Yard Explorers aim to help you engage fully with what you have as an outside resource – inspiring its use both within the curriculum and also in the wider sense for play and community engagement.


What situation are you in?

  • You may feel you know already the sorts of things that you could do in your grounds, but the rest of the staff need to be convinced and inspired as to how to integrate outside learning into the curriculum
  • You may have great ideas to develop your site but aren't quite sure how to arrange the space and the best place to start your phased changes
  • You may have no idea of what to do and no money either, but know that the outside is important and needs to be addressed as a proper project.